Most people shy away from woodworking projects in the home. This is the life blood of handymen like ourselves at Perfect Touch. Woodworking involves highly accurate, detail-oriented craftsmanship, and that’s why our carpentry projects come out looking exactly as you intended.

Hardwood or laminate floors may seem like they are easy to install, but it is also easy to wind up with alignment problems, unintended spaces and gaps, and loose panels. It is also important to be sure that the wood grain patterns match up and are consistent throughout the entire floor.

We specialize in installing baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, and wainscoting. Have you wanted to create a set of built-in shelves or add a new cabinet in the basement? Perfect Touch Handyman Services can make that happen for you!

Whether building a new deck or garden fence, or bringing a faded or damaged home exterior back to its initial appearance, our team of certified professionals have years of combined experience working with wood and siding. This is not simply painting over a wood problem. We will inspect for rot, insect, and fade issues and repair or replace the wood to make your home’s exterior shine.

Our crew is detail-oriented and make sure to provide exactly what you want to upgrade your home. Your satisfaction with a job well-done is our goal. Prompt and professional carpentry services for everything from floor installation to finished cabinetry and custom shelving.

Contact us today about how our carpentry experience can translate into a heavenly home for you!

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