Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

You’d be surprised how much time we spend each day in our kitchens and bathrooms—cooking, eating, reading the paper, or brushing our teeth, showering, shaving, and toileting. That is why it is so easy to notice loose or missing tiles; broken cabinet handles, old baseboards, scratched or damaged countertops, or peeling wallpaper and caulking.

As popular as these projects are today, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen can be daunting and expensive. Not only does it involve replacement of sinks and countertops, but old plumbing and electrical will have to be brought up to code. Many homeowners want to change the lighting fixtures and placement. And homeowners want to expand their kitchen or bath to install a granite island for cooking or eating, or a brand new shower enclosure or dressing area.

The key to a happy home is to do these projects cost effectively and efficiently. We understand at Perfect Touch that these large projects tend to disrupt a family’s home while they are in progress. We want the process to go as quickly as possible but make you thrilled with the final result.

We will coordinate all phases of the remodeling process and work with you to create a brand new kitchen or bath of your dreams, or perhaps create a new half-bath out of unused space in your home. We specialize in providing high-quality services at inexpensive rates.

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